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Massage & Bodywork Therapies


Swedish Massage 1 hour: $65.00

Swedish massage is a light to firm nurturing massage
which promotes full body relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour: $75.00

A massage that frees congestion of the muscle attachments.
Deep work brings about realignment of postural distortions
and restores proper range of motion. Liberation of emotional
tensions may also result. Muscle function and awareness are
balanced, and elasticity is revived.

Reflexology1/2 hour: $35.00

Reflexology combines massage and pressure points
on the feet and hands to help re-establish energy
flow, improve circulation and balance and relieve
stress. Helps to relieve headaches and aids in
digestive disorders.

Hot Stone Massage1 hour: $70.00

Hot Stone massage is excellent for deep-tissue
penetration and incredibly soothing! The treatment
is conducted by using volcanic hot stones. These
are variously used for muscle relaxation incorporated
into a Swedish Massage(partial hot stone) or used
throughout the session, including placement on the
chakras of the body for balancing, in the
full body treatment.

Sea Salt Glow1/2 hour: $35.00

Sea Salt Glow tones dull skin, exfoliates
flaky dry skin, and makes skin soft and glossy.

Body Detox Wrap1 hour: $70.00

Body detox wrap is a blend of dermalogica
products that is made to balance water retension
in the body. It helps with PMS symptoms.

Scalp Massage20 min: $20.00

Scalp massage is great for tension headaches.